Elias Machemedze, described by Memory Chirere as "Zimbabwe's hottest rural writer", is pictured here reading from his latest novel, "Sarawoga".

Elias Machemedze, author of the novels; Sarawoga and Nherera Zvirange is an unassuming  lanky young fellow. However, he has a robust personal story which he tells
slowly and carefully. Machemedze’s life story stunned the gathering of writers  at the Zimbabwe Writers Association meeting in Harare on Saturday 2 March 2013.  

His  story is that of a rural based writer of our time who overturns the tables.
Before he was through with his O levels, out in rural Shamva of Zimbabwe, he had
already begun to work on the script of what was to become the novel, Sarawoga.
It was developed from a thin line story narrated to him by his father, Chisango

This  is an intriguing ‘old world’ story about Chief Nyasoro who raises a step son,
Sarawoga. In his youth, the cunning Sarawoga, tries in various ways to usurp
Nyasoro’s throne with the help of the newly arrived white settlers. His appetite
for power can only be equated with evil. As a result, the spirits of the land of
Chipindura intervene and Sarawoga is killed mysteriously. Done in impeccable
Shona language with no lapses, this novel reads like a rendition from another
time. This is work that no upstart village teenager could have written all by

But  Elias Machemedze’s elder brother could not have it! He could not tolerate a
younger brother who killed precious time scribbling and claiming to be a writer.
How can you claim to be a writer when you should be in school, he ranted at
Elias. You cannot afford to lose your way when I am still around, he promised.
In a fit of rage, he tore Elias’s whole script to pieces! Writers do not come
from the villages and the nook, he reasoned. In no time, the young Elias was
running for dear life.  

Not  to be outdone, Elias did not run far. He resorted to the bush and the nearby
Kakomo Kembada hill to brood and be ill for some time. Here, he would secretly
resuscitate and finish the Sarawoga script, far away from the prying eyes of his
elder brother. At every stage, Elias would however come down the hill and
surreptitiously show his work to his teacher at Zvomanyanga Secondary School,
one Enock Kalani. He got the much needed approval. He would then walk home and
pretend to be normal and yet, he was so inspired that it hurt!  

In  due course, the script was published into a novel by Priority Projects
Publishing in Harare in 2004. It later became a school set text, to be read and
studied across Zimbabwe. The life of a celebrity began for Elias Machemedze. The
village was stunned. Later, when Oliver Mtukudzi adopted Sarawoga into a feature
film that appeared on Zimbabwe television and even made a song based on it, the
villagers were speechless.

Elias  continued to till the lands and to herd cattle. He continued to write. Despite
his youth, he continued to accompany his father into the mountains and the
villages to consult the svikiros over various matters. Apparently, the
Machemedzes belong to the Chipadze chieftainships who are the original rulers of
the present day neighbourhood of Bindura. That is why Sarawoga has names of
rivers and hills in present day Bindura town. Because of the constant touch with
the spirit mediums and seers, Machemedze became familiar with various lore, far
beyond his age. In his works, the spirits of the land proselytise at length. In
his speeches and in ordinary conversation, Machemedze speaks like an oracle,
animated and definitive.

Machemedze’s  second novel is called Nherera Zvirange. It is another heartrending old world  story about a banished orphan who fights against all odds to reclaim his
father’s throne. Before that he falls in and out of trouble many times. He  leaves home to stay in the bush and troops are despatched in order to catch him.  Here are crude military strategies that keep the reader on the edge of the  precipice.

Elias  says when inspired, he writes very furiously, not caring about method.
Afterwards, he puts the papers aside for some time and goes fishing in Mukwari
or Gwetera rivers, returning only much later to perfect the script. Sometimes he
visits the locations on which his stories are set so that he remains in touch
with the space and time of his stories. Terrain means a lot to  Elias. 

He  is following closely in the footsteps of Patrick Chakaipa and Francis Mugugu who
wrote about the Shona people in the pre-colonial times. He says he enjoys
writing about power because that is maybe one of the oldest subjects around and
he is royal himself. He has numerous manuscripts that he will release sparingly
because, as he says, "It is getting to be too fast out there!"

With  the help of partners, Elias Machemedze is in the process of establishing his own
publishing company; Pangolin Publications. He hopes to work with and publish
young writers who are in circumstances as his. Here is an example of a writer
who writes from amongst the people about the people’s enduring traditions. He
says that whenever he meets his readers, they seem to wonder if he is the real
Elias Machemedze. He also wishes to get married and become settled one

Permissions: This article is published here with permission from Memory Chirere. It was originally published on his blog KwaChirere.


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