"Reading is my drug. I enjoy words an stories, especially the  delight and energy of creating one. I have also discovered the process of aiding someone to convey with tangible words the jumble of ideas within them is invigorating. I am thrilled to be a part of the Munyori Literary Journal, and for the opportunity to work with talented authors, poets, and any and all brave to share their work with the world."

Originally from Karachi, Pakistan's New York, Ailsa spent an  adventurous childhood there before immigrating to the US a couple of years ago  ready to embrace the opportunities offered to her. Currently, she is a  student at  UC Berkeley aiming for a English degree, and formerly a student  at Cosumnes River  College. She aspires to further her literary passion by  working in the book  industry and be instrumental in bringing the power of language and reading to people as the publisher or editor responsible for transforming a written work to its greatest potential. She has published a  short story in the 6th issue of the literary magazine, the Cosumnes River  Journal 2012 and was a member of the editorial board for the 7th issue of the Cosumnes River Journal. She  participated in the Hart Writer’s  Conference for the past two years. As a member  of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor  society, she was awarded a place on the All-California Academic Team 2013,  and was an All-USA Academic Team nominee.  Working as an English Tutor, she has helped students to seek the best out of their work and themselves, enlivening it to be a way for them to explore a thought and idea through their a unique lens, and how to use mistakes as stepping stones to gain a deeper comprehensive understanding of their work. 
Sacramento, CA  – Local poet Lawrence Dinkins, Jr, aka  NSAA, (pronounced En-Sah- Ah) is releasing his second
collection of poetry, Open Mic Sketchbook, and his  second live recorded poetry CD Lightning in a Bottle 2: NSAA’s
, on June 19, 2013  at 9pm at Queen Sheba Restaurant, 1704 Broadway, Sacramento, CA.

 About Open Mic Sketchbook

 Mahogany Urban Poetry Series is one of the oldest spoken word venues in Sacramento.This new poetry collection,  Open Mic Sketchbook,  is a small glance into that world.  With pictures and open mic lists collected over a time period from  when NSAA started cohosting in 2009 to 2013. The poetry world’s “open mic” culture is unique and rich, and  this book celebrates that culture along with poetry by NSAA  weaving its way through  peeking through sketches, art and photos.

 About Lightning in a Bottle 2

The first Lightning in a Bottle CD was released in 2009 around the same time NSAA started hosting at Mahogany. So it makes sense for a new live  recorded CD to be coupled together with this book where the listener can hear the vibrant poetry venues responding to spoken word with applause, laughter, and groans.

 Contact through website: NSAAtheBlackRoot.com